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March 11 2019

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March 04 2019

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February 17 2019

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Bernard Boutet de Monvel (French, 1881-1949)

Diane et Acteon, N/D

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February 14 2019

English version: 1985 Stasi youth culture chart, tag yourself!
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awwww-cute: Cat in stained glass window.

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Can’t tell if Disney Princess or supreme overlord of evil.

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

"u gonna finish that"

I need this to be me. NEED.

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NWA Schweiz
  AKWs - energetisch ineffizient wegen der aufwändigen Uranoxid-Herstellung. Neue Töne aus der Basler Zeitung seit dem Besitzerwechsel.
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